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Ituksum has many off roads and trails for ATV riding

Mean Machine
Ice Fishing @ Ituksum

We would like to see families enjoy the outdoors by bike riding and seeing the wilderness, and the joys of camping together. There are so many roads and trails that you could ride all week and never ride the same road twice.

We do not offer bike rentals but we would like people to bring their own bikes and enjoy the freedom of the ride, and don't forget to bring a camera, because there are lots of animals to be seen. Come join the fun.
Ontario Laws may be different than U.S.Laws for ATV bikes. In Ontario your bike must be insured and you must wear a helmet.But you will go by the laws of your state when coming to Ontario, unless you are here for more than 45 days.The State Laws for bikes are listed in the link below.

Camping rates are $40.00 per day or $200 per week. Camp sites can accommodate  Tents, Campers and Motorhomes. No water or electrical hook up. Fresh drinking water supplied, and one shower a day/person.

We now offer Seasonal Camping, spaces are limited so please book early, Seasonal Rate is $550.00 per camper. This includes fresh drinking water, one shower per day per person. The sites are located on Maskuti Lake with a beautiful view.


Cabin Rental

$50.00 per person/per night

Weekly Cabin Rental

 party of 2....... $265.00 per/person

party of 3....... $225.00 per/person

party of 4 ...... $190.00 per/person

Large Cabin (Sleeps 8).........$1100.00 per/wk

*Prices do not include Taxes*

ATV State Laws & Regulations


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